Saturday, August 24, 2013

From Cry Baby to Bully Kazuo Inamori Story 2

Even on the first day of the elementary school, Kazuo Inamori cried.  He wrote "the moment I realized that my mother would leave me behind at school, tears welled up in my eyes and I couldn't stop crying."  His mother had to stay in the classroom till the end of the day because he didn't stop crying.

He continued to be a cry baby.  His family tried convincing him to go to school by himself, but to no avail.  They often had to put crying Kazuo on the back of a bicycle and carried him to school.

It took him a while, but he eventually got used to the school life.  He even liked studying.  At the end of his first year, he got straight As.

Kagoshima, the area Inamori grew up in, is known for a strong samurai tradition.  At the end of Japan's feudal times, many Kagoshima samurai's fought the Shogun government in Tokyo to bring Japan to modern age.  As Inamori was raised in the culture.  he became interested in the role of leader.  He became a bully, he says.

He was not just a bully.  He knew physical strength alone would not earn respect from his peers.  He realized he had to have a strong will and a warm heart.  He sometimes gave his subordinates medals of decoration made of road side weeds.  He even divided his own afternoon snacks and gave them to his peers.

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