Wednesday, December 10, 2008

mobile p2p framework "Spear"

Yoshidakamagasako Inc.'s mobile p2p framework "Spear" would make cell phones to communicate data without going through the cell phone operators' central servers.
Data from one cell phone is routed to the other at the local router level instead, therefore it takes much less time to communicate data between two phone sets.
While the response time of going through the central server is around a few seconds, by routing at the local level data travels almost real time to the other phone.
Yoshidakamagasako Inc also developed multi-cast framework called "Spear Multi." With Spear Multi, time lag doesn't increase as much even the number of the cell phone increases. With other typical P2P framework, it takes four times longer to finish sending data as the number of cell phone increases.
This near real time data communication enables quick response multi-player games such as table tennis.
Although you can do the similar games using blue tooth technology, with Spear p2p framework you can play with way beyond the blue tooth signal range which said to be around 10 meters.
First applications of this technology are games, of course. P2P games are already available to the general public in Japan through NTT docomo, au and other cell phone operators. Square-Enix just released a game called "Demon Chain" using Spear.
Other application may be real time handwritten chat on touch screen smart phones. After display the same map on two smart phones touch screens, one users' handwritten messages and images such as arrows on the map would show up on the other users screen. Sharp started a handwritten chat software called "Tegaki Chat" on smart phones using the Spear technology.
Demonstration video can be downloaded here.

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