Monday, December 15, 2008

Manga Get

I have written about the mobile novel phenomenon in Japan and how it is not a birth of new genre of novels but is a birth of a new form of communication.
Authors write stories using cell phones, upload them onto novel sites. As soon as a new story or a chapter is uploaded, readers read it and leave comments. The authors read comments and fine-tunes the story lines. Thus, mobile novels are written through this collaboration between authors and readers. This is why I say that it is a new form of communication. It's a form of communication centered around contents called mobile novels.
Manga Get is a service which promotes a new form of communication, this time, centered around cartoons.
The service provides a PC based Web site for uploading cartoons, and a mobile site for viewing the cartoons.
The authors draw cartoons on a piece of paper, scan the paper, and upload the data to the Manga Get PC site. The site automatically cuts up the cartoons into indivisual frames which then are optimized for the cell phones' small screens.
Once all this is done, readers can view the cartoons using their cell phones. Readers can become fans of particular authors, leave comments, or communicate with other fans using bulletin board systems(BBS). In effect, it is a social-networking-service(SNN) type community which centers around cartoons.
Mang Get is run by a Japanese start-up called Spicysoft.
Like other online communities, advertisement is the base of their business model. They also sell members virtual goods such as clothes and accessories for the members avatars.
Spicysoft said they plan to share the revenue with popular authors. With magazine market in Japan is shrinking fast, Spicysoft hope to create a new marketplace to mach authors and readers.

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